Wants & Warrants

National Wants and Warrants Search

National Wants and Warrants Search searches for outstanding wants and warrants, generally, those of which are issued for extraditable offenses. Law enforcement agencies are actively seeking these individuals.

The confusion between FBI Background Check or NCIC Database Search and a National Wants and Warrants Search sometimes leads to the myth that a National Wants and Warrants Search is illegal. National Wants and Warrants Search is often erroneously confused with a FBI and NCIC because these are not made available for public record.

Why do a National Wants and Warrants Search?

Knowledge of a potential employee has outstanding warrants or a serious criminal record allows for the employer to determine how appropriate the applicant is for the job and work environment. Employers have moral and legal obligations to provide a safe working environment. Determining if an individual has outstanding warrants provides an optimum situation against negligent hiring claims.

What are the weaknesses of a National Wants and Warrants Search?

There are thousands significant courts in the United States that maintain criminal records. Knowing if an individual has an outstanding warrant is an important element of a Comprehensive Background Check, but should never be considered as a complete criminal background check.

An outstanding warrant is not a conviction, or criminal history, a “hit” on a National Wants and Warrants Search does not necessarily mean an applicant is a convicted criminal.
Likewise, a “clear” result does not ensure than an applicant does not have a criminal record. Similar to criminal record databases, this database is not always current, accurate, or complete.

How long does a National Wants and Warrants Search take?

National Wants and Warrants are often made available for viewing in one to two business days from the order date. When a “hit” occurs, local jurisdictions are checked which extends the turnaround time for the final results.

Can I see a sample National Wants and Warrants Search report?

Yes, follow the link provided Sample National Wants and Warrants Search.

What is our recommendation for a National Wants and Warrants Search?

In addition to local county criminal record checks, we also recommend a National Wants and Warrant Search for all applicants for this criminal record check is an essential part of any Comprehensive Background Check.

This search allows for employer protection from individuals whom may have outstanding warrants or in attempt to hide their criminal record.


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