SSN Trace

Social Security Number Background Checks

Social Security Number Background Check or Social Security (SSN) Trace report names and addresses associated with a particular Social Security Number.

The report also may show where the person’s Social Security Number was issued and if a Social Security Number is invalid.

Who Should Order the Social Security (SSN) Trace?

Anyone who orders a social security number background check should include a Social Security Trace in their screening package.

Social Security Number Trace provides independent validation of name and address history that can be used when running criminal record searches.

Applicants with something to hide tend to omit all of the names they have used and/or fail to provide a complete address history. This makes the Social Security Number Trace a great discovery and accountability tool.
The Social Security Number Trace report may also indicate whether an applicant has provided an invalid Social Security Number, or if the applicant is using someone else’s SSN in order to conceal derogatory information.

What is the Information Source for a Social Security Number Trace?

The primary information source for the Social Security Number Background Check is a Credit Reporting Agency. When a person fills out a credit application, their name, address, Social Security Number, and employer each credit application are stored in a separate database for later retrieval. The Social Security Number Trace will reveal all names and addresses in the file associated with a specific Social Security Number.

Is a Social Security Number Trace 100% Reliable?

The information obtained from the Social Security Number Background Check is only as reliable as the information reported to the credit agencies. Names and addresses can be misspelled or otherwise entered incorrectly. This can be accidental or it might be intentional.
Also, when people jointly apply for credit, the other names and associated address histories may appear under one social security number on the Social Security (SSN) Trace.

How Many Years Back Does the Social Security Number Trace Go?

The information reported in Social Security Number Trace usually goes back 3 to 10 years.