Driving Records

MVR Background Checks

Will your employees be driving any vehicle to perform their job duties or even operating a forklift? You’ll want to order their driving record, to find out if they are a safe driver. 

What Is An MVR Background Check

An MVR background check is a screening service that examines a potential candidate’s driving record. HR Departments and Employers utilize this type of background check as part of the pre-employment verification process when looking to fill jobs that involve the operation of a motor vehicle. Continue below to learn about MVR reports, their value in the hiring process, and the information they reveal about your job candidate.

MVR Background Report

Our MVR background reports provide the details of the applicant’s driving record which may include driving-related offenses, traffic violations, suspensions, and license restrictions. In addition, driving records may find misdemeanors and DUI convictions which are not found on some criminal reports. Above all, having this information will protect your company with the knowledge necessary to make the best decisions.

MVR Background Check - Driving History Check


Why MVR Background Checks Are Important

A potential candidate’s MVR background report is relevant to you (the employer) if a job requires driving or operating any type of motor vehicle.

There are many types of motor vehicles and large distinctions when it comes to the reporting of MVR background checks. Our services include the details of all the following history reports: Trucking or Freight, Ambulance, Delivery, Bus, Public Transit, and any everyday drivers. The importance of checking a candidate’s MVR background report, in certain industries, is the same as verifying a medical license or criminal history.

It is essential for employers to check that their candidate has a valid driver’s license that is in good standing for positions that involve driving, they possess a license and the required training for the position; and don’t have an MVR record of reckless, under the influence, or distracted driving.

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