Background Check Services | Employment Background Checks


Background Check Services | Employment Background Checks


To conduct a thorough background check for a potential hire, a criminal record search is vital. The most common types of criminal searches include Nationwide Criminal, Statewide Criminal, Country Criminal, and the Sex Offender Registry. In addition to these searches, Express Background Checks can pull from over 400 databases. Most importantly, due to our proprietary software, we are integrated with many of these databases, resulting in some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. If your candidate has been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor, you’ll want to know the details. Express Background Checks has the tools to make sure you do. Visit our pricing page to see the most common packages our clients are using today.

*Criminal database accuracy can vary.



If your employees will be driving any vehicle to perform their job duties or even operating a forklift, you’ll want to order their driving record, to find out if they are a safe drivers. A driving history report provides the details of the applicants driving record which may include traffic violations, driving-related offenses, license restrictions, suspensions, and revocations. In addition, driving records may find misdemeanors and DUI convictions which are not found on some criminal reports. Above all, having this information will protect your company with the knowledge necessary to make the best decisions.


Need to verify past employment, check education, contact a professional reference or determine if they hold a valid license?
Our verifications team will get the information you need. Fast! We can assist with employment and education verifications both domestic and international. We are here to help, contact us for more details.


Whether you need drug & alcohol testing, infectious disease testing, physicals or any other related service, we offer nationwide coverage for all things related to occupational health. Because we have access to multiple providers, this allows us to find a company near you to provide the services you need. And, it is a huge benefit to work with us, as we can be your sole provider for all of your background and drug testing needs. Contact us for pricing.


Sometimes bad conduct does not qualify as a crime, but may still represent an undesirable risk for your company. Our industry-specific sanctions databases can help.


You may have specialty search needs, like conducting due diligence on a potential contractor or business partner, or background information to support a lawsuit. Your wish is our command. Have a request? Email us at


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