Non-profits Services

Get the most out of applicants and volunteers with careful hiring

Nonprofit organizations must emphasize caution with hiring and volunteer placement to ensure their employees, members and the populations they serve are never harmed in any way. Having employees and volunteers with a clean background and positive work history are essential.

Achieving this begins with a background screening program designed to help the organization identify people who are well-suited for available positions and do not pose a risk to others. But with resource challenges, you want a quality, affordable product.

At Express Background Checks, we have conducted extensive market research to learn about our competitors rates. We have obtained invoices from more than 200 competitors so we have first-hand knowledge about what our competitors offer and how much they charge for the exact same services that we offer.

Through this process, we have discovered that most of our competitors are charging rates anywhere from 10% to 30% higher than ours.

With Express Background Checks affordable screening solutions, you can provide a safe environment for your stakeholders, while maintaining and promoting your reputation for safety.

Words of caution. There are a handful of unscrupulous outfits posing as “real background screening companies” that push very cheap background checks. These background checks come from a nationwide or statewide database. Because the information is not well-maintained or frequently updated, any criminal records should never be relied upon for a hiring decision.

This data should only be used as a pre-screening tool and any criminal records should be verified at the court of original jurisdiction.

Even worse, because the source of information is a public records database, it’s very possible that the database does not contain a person’s criminal record.


Because there are no laws or regulations requiring the courts to upload criminal records to a public database.

If your organization relies on a database search alone, you are placing your stakeholders at serious risk.

It takes just one person to be victimized by an employee or volunteer to seriously damage your organization’s reputation and destroy everything you have worked for.

With Express Background Checks as your background screening partner, you can access quality information at affordable pricing to minimize risk while maximizing certainty in your hiring process.