Hospitality Services

Increase revenue and maintain growth with the best talent

The people you hire must reflect your company values to be valuable, trustworthy employees.

From large resorts to small hotels, and everything in between, you must have confidence that your guests will feel safe and satisfied – and these feeling are directly related to how guests are being treated by your employees.

Theft, substance abuse, workplace violence and sexual offenses top the list of offenses that the hospitality seeks to avoid. In fact, numerous companies within the hospitality sector have paid millions of dollars in negligent hiring lawsuits because employees with a related criminal history victimized a guest or patron.

With Express Background Checks as your background screening partner, this is what you can count on:

  • Reduce exposure to negligent hiring lawsuits
  • Protect employees and guests from workplace crimes
  • Minimize recruiting costs
  • Provide a better overall experience for guests
  • Motivate repeat business

We recognize that staff turnover can be a challenge, which is why you not only want a quality background screening solution, but an affordable one as well.

Wanting to maximize profits, few background screening companies use price as a value proposition, but price is always factored into a buying decision.

At Express Background Checks, we have conducted extensive market research to learn about our competitors rates. We have obtained invoices from more than 200 competitors so we have first-hand knowledge about what our competitors offer and how much they charge for the exact same services that we offer.

Through this process, we have discovered that most of our competitors are charging rates anywhere from 10% to 30% higher than ours.

This gives us a unique competitive edge. Having a reputation for offering the highest quality products with exceptional service and rapid turnaround, we can also proudly claim to be our industry’s leader on price.

With Express Background Checks as your background screening partner, you can access the information you need, when you need it, to minimize risk while maximizing certainty in your hiring process.