Why Speed Matters For Background Checks

Do not let an applicant accept an offer with another company because you were not able to make a SAME DAY hiring decision. The hiring process moves quickly – do not let your company fall behind, enjoy the “Express Background Checks Experience” and let us get you faster results today.

High Quality

We never compromise on the quality information in our reports. We have designed and implemented the Express Background Checks System which simply allows us to deliver accurate information with the quicker results.

SAME DAY Hiring Decisions

Proprietary tools are integrated into our web based system so that you can make SAME DAY hiring decisions. Simply sign up for a trial account to see the difference.

Rush Order

Ever needed an order to be immediately fulfilled? Has your vendor charged you more for a rush order? Express Background Checks treats every order as if it needs to be expeditiously fulfilled. This service is performed at no extra charge.

Customized Solutions

Simply inquire and we can tailor a program to meet your custom employment screening needs.


Experience a system which we consider to be among the tops in the employment screening industry. Our data entry technology will alert you if applicant information is entered with misspelled words. Accidently enter the wrong SSN and the system will alert you. Our technology allows a seamless flow of information so that you do not get bogged down during the data entry process.

Free Trial

Because SPEED does matter, why not sign up for a free trial and compare us with your current vendor? We will happily set up a trial account for you so that you can see the difference. SAME DAY hiring decisions are possible! For a free trial call or email.