Why Accuracy Matters In Background Checks

Accuracy starts when you place your order with Express Background Checks. If you accidentally misspell an applicant’s name, our system will immediately alert you. If you enter the wrong SSN #, the system will immediately notify you. If a record is found, it immediately goes into the Express Background Checks QA Process for rapid review.

QA Process

When our searches yield a record report, our staff immediately reviews it for accuracy. Express Background Checks system has multiple layers of “Accuracy Intelligence” to ensure that the Express Background Checks’ “Best in Class” standards are being met.

Where Records Come From

All criminal records originate from the same place, the county courthouse. No one can have a criminal record without having been processed through the county court system. So whether you are conducting a statewide search or our vast 300 million records nationwide search, you have a piece of mind knowing that we search criminal records all the way down to the county level.


Our technology allows a seamless flow of information so that you do not get bogged down during the data entry and report interpretation process. Data entry has been simplified, reports are easy-to-read and our strict QA process allows our customers to get reliable data with ease. It is all part of the “Express Background Checks Experience”.

Free Trial

Because ACCURACY does matter, why not sign up for a free trial and compare us with your current vendor? We will happily set up a trial account for you so that you can see the difference. SAME DAY hiring decisions are possible! For a free trial call or email to be set up.