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In a direct comparison with more than 1,000 screening vendors, Express Background Checks provided the fastest turnaround time. Onboarding the right person as quickly as possible boosts morale, increases productivity, and ensures that critical functions are completed on time.


In a nationwide market research study, Express Background Checks rates were determined to be typically 15-30% lower than most competitors. A dollar gained in revenue is great, but only a small portion reaches earnings. A dollar saved from costs, however, goes directly to the bottom line of your company.


Turning down the right candidate due to inaccurate records hurts, and hiring someone with unreported criminal records is devastating. Express Background Checks is founded upon delivering the most accurate results, especially as orders start to approach 5,000-20,000 in a given month.

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Top 10 Reasons To Use Express
Background Checks


    You have too much going on to worry about support, which is why we give you two dedicated service agents, plus live online support during business hours, plus after hours support when needed. You will always have access to our people.


    When the capabilities of competing vendors are equal, then you want to get the best value. Our rates tend to be significantly lower than our competitors. Just ask us for a quote and compare the difference.

  • EASY

    Our system was designed with input from HR and staffing professionals who wanted a simplified ordering process. We created a user-interface that makes the order process as simple as conducting a Google search.


    We take compliance very seriously so that we can advise our clients to avoid costly errors. Our senior customer service agents and technicians are required to earn their Basic FCRA Certification from the NAPBS. Our system is equipped with features to maximize compliance and we have the most experienced background checks legal counsel at our disposal.

  • FAST

    Every screening provider says they are “fast,” but we put our money where our mouth is. With numerous digitized county court searches, integrations with verification third-parties, carefully vetted court researchers and technology optimized for speed, we are definitely one of the fastest.


    We treasure every client and always go the extra mile to make them feel truly cherished. This is why we have won independent awards for superior customer service quality and why we have a 98% client retention rating over the past 14 years


    We conducted a nationwide market research project and discovered that our rates are generally 15% to 30% lower than our top 500 competitors. Knowing this, if anyone shares their current invoice with us, we will match services and reduce the current price by 20%, guaranteed for five years.


    All screening companies claim to be fast – and many are. But in apples-to-apples comparisons with more than 75 competitors, our turnaround time is always the fastest. How do we know this you ask? Before becoming a new client we offer a free trial to compare vendor to vendor turnaround time.


    When ordering background checks, the last thing you want is a clunky, awkward system that is difficult to navigate with limited functionality. Our system’s user-interface is clean, crisp, modern and intuitive – and includes numerous features that simplify the order process and save time.


    Many companies have been investigated and sued recently for conducting background checks in violation of laws and regulations. But our clients have access to a team of Global HR lawyers who will advise our clients on any labor or employment law matter, minimizing their legal exposure.

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